須將它貼到這裡。B<Instructions on how to access this archive using your mail client.簡介如何使用您的郵件用戶端來存取此封裝。!!Supported Incoming Mail Protocols支援的內送郵件通訊協定Apply the advanced filters.套用進階篩選。SLA valid [asis,transfer_session_id] is required to analyze a remote transfer source.需要有效的 [asis,transfer_session_id] 才能分析遠端傳輸來源。Mailing Lists: Auto Login郵寄清單: 自動登入.#← Go Back to [asis,BoxTrapper] Configuration← 返回 [asis,BoxTrapper] 組態Brandik [output,class,Next,title] on the [output,class,Welcome to the Add Network Location Wizard,title].在[output,class,歡迎使用新增網路位置精靈,title]中按一下[output,class,下一步,title]。XMBList你的 XMB 公告牌 XMBInstallExampleNonValidPost不是。`b[output,strong,NOTE]: If you install a chatroom, it will use one of your [asis,MySQL] databases.[output,strong,附註]: 如果安裝聊天室,它會使用您的一個 [asis,MySQL] 資料庫。EKCould not dequeue [asis,assemble_config_text] actions for “[_1]”.無法將“[_1]”的 [asis,assemble_config_text] 動作從佇列清除。L9This feature allows you to select which partial backup you want to download.這項功能可讓您選取要下載哪些部分備份。 EHAExamples实例:[^To set no limit (an infinite quota), simply enter “unlimited” or leave the field blank.若要設定無限制 (無限配額),請輸入 「unlimited」,或將欄位保留空白。 Remove Filter移除篩選Invalid HTTP status: [_1]無效的 HTTP 狀態: [_1]Configure Greylisting設定灰名單 VSScanLoad正在加载 X3 BrandingX3 商標bPThe system could not remove the [asis,assemble_config_text] actions from the queue for “[_1]”.系統無法從 “[_1]” 的佇列移除 [asis,assemble_config_text] 動作。]BUdesc1此功能能够让您将您整个网站的压缩副本或一部分,下载到您的电脑。 mainaccdesc注:默认电子邮件账户通常用于“捕捉”未发送的邮件。您应创建新账户供日常使用。默认电子邮件账户的用户名和密码和您的 cPanel 登录相同。9-← Go Back to the Main [asis,MySQL] Databases Interface.← 返回主要 [asis,MySQL] 資料庫介面 RDDeletedHead已移除的重新定向Show [numf,25]顯示 [numf,25]MFThe system will now check the “[output,inline,_1,class,status]” database.系統將立即檢查“[output,inline,_1,class,status]”資料庫。No user specified.沒有指定使用者。ftp_Delete_Account_and_Files删除账户和文件<EUnable to save configuration; check system logs for details.無法儲存組態,請檢查系統記錄檔以獲得詳細資料。0An error occurred while processing your request.處理要求時發生錯誤。BA[output,class,SSL,title]: Slide the SSL slider to the ON position.[output,class,SSL,title]: 將 SSL 滑動軸滑至 ON 的位置。3.No password provided for web disk account creation.沒有提供建立 Web Disk 帳戶的密碼。MailServerUser邮件服务器用户名MENUAutoresponders自动回复器listblackdesc-BoxTrapper黑名单是您在电子邮件中不希望接收到的内容列表。黑名单内容的发件人也将收到您选择的警告邮件。 CountriesHungary匈牙利h[output,strong,NOTE:] It is important to understand that even if BoxTrapper is enabled and automatic white-listing is disabled, ANY e-mail address you send mail to will automatically be added to the white-list without your interaction. Since you are in effect interacting with the e-mail address, BoxTrapper assumes you welcome interaction with them and automatically white-lists the e-mail in question.[output,strong,附註:] 請務必了解,即使啟用 BoxTrapper,且停用自動列於白名單,您寄送電子郵件的任何收件地址還是都會自動加入白名單,不需您採取動作。 因為您實際上是與這些電子郵件地址互動,所以 BoxTrapper 假定您樂於與這些地址互動,並自動將這些地址加入白名單。 Environment環境The file “[_1]” was saved.已儲存檔案 “[_1]”。B>Please use an email format (for example: [asis,user@example.com]).請使用電子郵件格式 (例如: [asis,user@example.com]).!Account Terminated on [_1] ([_2])帳戶於 [_1] 終止 ([_2])<;Add “[output,class,_1,module-path]” to the include path.將“[output,class,_1,module-path]”加到包含路徑。HI[asis,postgres] [asis,postgresql] database[comment,search text keywords][asis,postgres] [asis,postgresql] 資料庫[comment,search text keywords] cpanel-create已生成96[output,acronym,UAPI,Universal API] ([output,asis,API 3])[output,acronym,UAPI,通用 API] ([output,asis,API 3]),6You must reboot the server to enable quotas.您必須重新啟動伺服器,才能啟用配額。yThis option automatically updates [asis,Ruby Gems], but it will not rebuild [asis,Apache] and [asis,PHP] until you choose to do so.此選項會自動更新 [asis,Ruby Gems],但不會重建 [asis,Apache] 和 [asis,PHP],直到您選擇重建為止。 UIPassBar20密码强度非常弱hA script failed to complete within the allowed amount of time. Send the following information to your [asis,cPanel] support agent:指令碼無法在允許的時間內完成。 請傳送下列資訊給您的 [asis,cPanel] 支援專員:Manage Wheel Group Users管理 Wheel 群組使用者BW-POP3POP3 通信量mbA [asis,SQLite] database name may not contain the following [numerate,_1,character,characters]: [join,~, ,_2][asis,SQLite] 資料庫名稱不可包含下列 [numerate,_1, 個字元, 個字元]: [join,~, ,_2]Bitmap ([asis,.bmp])點陣圖 ([asis,.bmp]) AODListHead当前附加域&!Unable to delete range from hash: [_1]無法從雜湊刪除範圍: [_1]DNS clustering is enabled.DNS 叢集已啟用。New Blacklist Records新增黑名單記錄 ID:識別碼: PGPDeletedTextPre公共密钥!FMTrashRestoreInfo单击以下物件将其还原。 MENUCountdown倒计时 &HLAllowedRef允许的请求头域(Referrer): EP411Post(所需长度)`\The system failed to delete the file “[_1]” as the user “[_2]” because of an error: [_3]由於發生錯誤,使系統無法以使用者“[_2]”身分刪除檔案“[_1]”: [_3]"e.g. Billing System, My Website例如 Billing System、My Website!The forwarder could not be added.無法新增轉寄站。 Text Editor文字編輯器ZE_ttl_positive_integerTTL 必须是正整数值。 Public Key:公開金鑰:SQDisk Usage Warning: The user “[_1]” ([_2]) has almost reached their disk quota.Disk Usage Warning: 使用者 “[_1]” ([_2]) 已幾乎達到其磁碟配額。PFIf you need more disk space, you’ll need to upgrade your hosting account/plan.如果需要更多磁碟空間,您必須升級主機帳戶/方案。 Icon Order圖示順序 "indexmanfancy喜好索引 (图像和文本)^MThe protocol should be followed by a colon and two forward slashes. (Example: [asis,https://])通訊協定後面應接著冒號和兩個斜線。 (範例: [asis,https://])%*Ideal for memory-constrained systems.非常適合記憶體受限制的系統。SSHImportPubPaste粘贴此框中的公共密钥 EADeleted已删除的帐户QQAdded the user “[output,strong,_1]” to the database “[output,strong,_2]”.已新增使用者“[output,strong,_1]”到資料庫“[output,strong,_2]”。#MicrosoftOSSelect微软® 操作系统 cjt_advanced高级选项aXThe cPanel user “[_1]” is not allowed to grant access to any of the requested database users.cPanel 使用者 “[_1]” 不得將存取權授與任何要求的資料庫使用者。 (SQLGrantDbPre授权对 MySQL 数据库的全部许可-AD-AlertPeriod你的域名必须至少含有一个句号。 Plugin File:外掛程式檔案:J The [output,acronym,CSS,Cascading Style Sheets] Editor allows you to change the [output,acronym,CSS,Cascading Style Sheets] for this branding style. It will not modify the styles in the /css/styles.css file (the main style sheet), but it will allow you to override them with any of the styles that you place into this style sheet.[output,acronym,CSS,階層式樣式表]編輯器可讓您變更這個商標樣式的[output,acronym,CSS,階層式樣式表]。 它不會修改 /css/styles.css 檔案 (主樣式表) 中的樣式,但可以讓您用放在這個樣式表中的任何樣式覆寫樣式。 getstarted-searchtxt被启动 {SUBFTPHint如欲通过虚拟ftp访问子域,可采用同一用户名创建FTP用户,以此作为以下子域列的基本名称。 IP BlockerIP 封鎖程式 FERemTxt1尝试删除 FrontPage 扩展名WJThe permissions on “[_1]” (i.e. [_2]) are wrong. Please set the mode to “[_3]”.“[_1]”(例如 [_2]) 的權限錯誤。 請將模式設為“[_3]”。 MENUServiceStatus维护状态Switch to Text Editor切換至文字編輯器[asis,phpMyAdmin][asis,phpMyAdmin] No IP given未指定 IP SSLangPortuguese葡萄牙语84What was the name of your first boyfriend or girlfriend?您的第一任男朋友或女朋友的名字為何? Password protect this directory.密碼保護這個目錄。>6The MIME type “[output,class,_1,status]” has been removed.已移除 MIME 類型“[output,class,_1,status]”。 Remove Package移除封裝,,Your [asis,GnuPG] key imported successfully.已成功匯入您的 [asis,GnuPG] 金鑰。Files in home directory.主目錄中的檔案。 CountriesNorfolkIsland诺福克岛 Once Per Hour每小時一次0'This runs post-restoration actions and cleanups.這會執行還原後動作和清理。 New Dimensions:新維度:Hsecurityquestion-28您的父亲是在哪个城市出生的?(请只输入城市全名) CNTTimeFormat时间格式(domainkeys-searchtxt存储保护特征 域钥匙 鉴定 DKIM%$Domain must be passed as a parameter.網域必須以參數方式傳遞。70[asis,cPanel] successfully deleted the [asis,cron] job.[asis,cPanel] 已成功刪除 [asis,cron] job。6/An email address cannot be longer than 128 characters.電子郵件地址不可超過 128 個字元。*#[asis,PHP] and [asis,suEXEC] Configuration[asis,PHP] 和 [asis,suEXEC] 組態!Unable to upgrade bandwidth files無法升級頻寬檔案RGThere is no “[output,url,_1,Hashbang,target,_blank]” at the top of the script.指令碼最上方沒有“[output,url,_1,Hashbang,target,_blank]”。33Force a reinstall even if the system is up to date.強制重新安裝,即使系統為最新版本。 You selected the option to skip a rebuild of Apache and PHP as part of the upgrade process. You should recompile Apache and PHP using the EasyApache 3 interface as soon as possible to ensure they are linked correctly to the new version of [asis,MySQL]/[asis,MariaDB].您選取了要在升級程序中略過重建 Apache 和 PHP 的選項。 您應該盡快使用 EasyApache 3 介面重新編譯 Apache 和 PHP,以確保正確連結到新版 [asis,MySQL]/[asis,MariaDB]。 BUDBRestoring正在还原数据库$Encoded Certificate Signing Request:已編碼憑證簽署要求:Backups Available for Download:可下載的備份:disableCharEncodingVer禁用字符编码验证FGFailed to [asis,FTP] upload file “[_1]” because of an error: [_2].無法 [asis,FTP] 上傳檔案 “[_1]”,因為發生錯誤: [_2].vpYou should generate another self-signed certificate for [quant,_1,this domain,these domains] with a [numf,_2]-bit key.您應該為 [quant,_1,此網域,這些網域] 產生另一個有 [numf,_2] 位元金鑰的自我簽署憑證。D9Failed to delete the requested Certificate Signing Request for: [_1]無法刪除此項目之要求的憑證簽署要求: [_1][output,strong,Note]: The “Allow direct requests” checkbox must be checked when using HotLink Protection for files that you wish to be viewed in QuickTime (Mac Users) by your site’s visitors.[output,strong,附註]: 為那些希望能讓網站訪客以 QuickTime (Mac 使用者) 檢視的檔案使用 HotLink 保護時,必須核取 「允許直接要求」 核取方塊。PostgreUserError生成用户时出现问题。User Management使用者管理4*At least one day must be selected for daily backups.至少必須為每日備份選取一天。HM[asis,PHP] version “[_1]” is set as the default, but has no handler.[asis,PHP] 版本 “[_1]” 已設為預設版本,卻沒有處理常式。CNT1212@B[output,strong,Step 2]: Locate CSV or XLS file on your computer.[output,strong,步驟 2]: 在電腦上找到 CSV 或 XLS 檔案。D3The certificate for “[output,class,_1,status]” has been deleted.已刪除“[output,class,_1,status]”的憑證。 Edit Rule編輯規則0-Grant or Revoke [asis,cPanel] Support’s Access授與或撤銷 [asis,cPanel] 支援的存取+6Click to save the above key to your server.按一下以將上述金鑰儲存至您的伺服器。 Disconnect中斷連線Server “[_1]” Not Updated伺服器“[_1]”未更新Reset All Icons重設所有圖示gaTicket ‘[_1]’, server ‘[_2]’ specifies an “[_3]” IP not currently bound to the server: [_4]票證‘[_1]’,伺服器‘[_2]’指定了目前未繫結到伺服器的 “[_3]” IP: [_4]4'The system successfully disabled hotlink protection.系統已成功停用 HotLink 保護。wAvoid simple patterns. Instead, use UPPER and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Make certain that your password is at least eight characters long.避免單純模式。 改為使用大寫和小寫字母、數字和符號。 必須確定密碼至少有 8 個字元。 Last上次的Skip略過 Item Order:項目排序: PPDRemoveUserPre移除许可 Configuration Files組態檔 Current Lists目前清單View this restoration’s log.檢視這個還原的記錄。[output,strong,WARNING:] You are currently using the maximum number of parked domains. If you need to add a new parked domain contact your service provider.[output,strong,警告:] 您目前使用了最大數量的寄放網域。 如果必須加入新的寄放網域,請連絡您的服務提供者。 ForegroundColor前景颜色ruYour CSR “[_1]” already has the same “[_2]” ([_3]) as the new CSR. Each CSR’s “[_2]” must be unique.您的 CSR“[_1]”已具有與新的 CSR 相同的“[_2]”([_3])。 每個 CSR 的“[_2]”必須是唯一的。[output,acronym,MIME,Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions] extensions [output,strong,must] contain at least one alphanumeric character.[output,acronym,MIME,多用途網際網路郵件延伸標準] 擴充模組[output,strong,必須]至少包含 1 個英數字元。[asis,IMAP] over [asis,SSL/TLS][asis,IMAP] over [asis,SSL/TLS] CountriesGrenada格林纳达%#The HTTP client appears to be forged.HTTP 用戶端似乎是偽造的。Abort Session Processing中止工作階段處理E<[output,acronym,CSR,Certificate Signing Request] ([output,strong,_1])[output,acronym,CSR,憑證簽署要求] ([output,strong,_1])</Are you sure you wish to permanently remove user “[_1]”?您確定要永久移除使用者“[_1]”嗎?,#The interval value may not exceed 720 hours.間隔值不可超過 720 小時。,3I have copied this password in a safe place.我已經將這個密碼複製在安全的地方。 Show Documentation顯示文件contact_index_1您可联系的电子邮件地址。 如果您有一个电子邮件帐户,这应该是不在您帐户中的电子邮件地址。 LPDisableProtect禁用保护CPErrorCreateProb生成时出现问题geIf you experience problems connecting to your Web Disk when using “[_1]”, click here for the patch.若使用“[_1]”連接至您的 Web Disk 時遇到問題,請按一下這裡取得修補程式。GPConverting [output,asis,Roundcube] data to [output,asis,sqlite] format.正在將 [output,asis,Roundcube] 資料轉換為 [output,asis,sqlite] 格式。1)Directory for pid file “[_1]” does not exist.pid 檔案“[_1]”的目錄不存在。 UNKNOWN: [_1]未知的: [_1]manage-BoxTrapper管理 FullorPart全部或部分备份Incoming Email Messages內送電子郵件訊息CPErrorCreateSuc已经为你成功的生成。oIPv6 addresses that were assigned without this feature will be erased for the selected users when you enable IPv6 with this feature.啟用 IPv6 的此功能後,在未有此功能前被指派的 IPv6 位址會為已選取之使用者刪除。2'Your account does not have the “[_1]” feature.您的帳戶沒有 “[_1]” 功能。 Install an RPM安裝 RPM EP415Post(不支持的介质类型)Restricted Summary限制的摘要Match [asis,www.]符合 [asis,www.] NavFullIFDoc完整的界面文件<3The key for “[output,class,_1,status]” has been deleted.已刪除“[output,class,_1,status]”的金鑰。LOLogout登出 Configure Language設定語言[asis,MySQL] failed to start.[asis,MySQL] 無法啟動。gaYou should use no more than [quant,_1,restore thread,restore threads] to avoid performance degradation.您應該使用不超過 [quant,_1,個還原執行緒,個還原執行緒],以免降低效能。Change Hostname變更主機名稱Functions in cPanel and WHM are available only directly through the cPanel and WHM interfaces or through our [output,url,_1,XML API].唯有直接透過 cPanel 與 WHM 介面,或透過我們的 [output,url,_1,XML API],才可以使用 cPanel 與 WHM 中的功能。upYou successfully updated your security questions. You will be asked to re-enter new security questions at next login.您已成功更新安全性問題。 您下一次登入時,系統會要求重新輸入新的安全性問題。%#This URL contains invalid characters.此 URL 包含了無效的字元。 EFTestsubmit检验过滤器^MThe system successfully configured [asis,BoxTrapper] for the account “[output,strong,_1]”.系統已成功設定帳戶 “[output,strong,_1]” 的 [asis,BoxTrapper]。K9Your system has been checked to see if an upgrade is feasible at this time.已檢查您的系統,查看目前是否適合升級。MIMEInfoLinkPre JJLargest Webserver child [asis,cgi/ssi/php] is now limited to [numf,_1] MB.最大 Webserver 子系 [asis,cgi/ssi/php] 現在限制為 [numf,_1] MB。Trash Expire Time垃圾桶到期時間 cpanel-suceeded已成功;'Double-click on the configuration file you just downloaded.按兩下您剛才下載的組態檔。@BThis release was compiled on [datetime,_1,datetime_format_long].這個發行版本於 [datetime,_1,datetime_format_long] 編譯。Full Interface Documentation完整介面文件MX_auto_detect_config自动检测配置[asis,Urchin] [asis,Stats][asis,Urchin] [asis,Stats] Edit a Locale編輯地區設定Reseller Center轉銷商中心 EPEditTagServer服务器名 ftpsession-searchtxtftp 帐户securityquestion-17您的祖母的名字是?`[The system failed to start the session with ID “[_1]” because that session has been aborted.系統無法啟動識別碼為“[_1]”的工作階段,因為該工作階段已中止。Save Your Icon Order儲存圖示排序 Copy Rule複製規則 UISprIncTxt用户界面精灵包括 FTPLoginTime登录时间3&Are you sure you wish to delete the key “[_1]”?您確定要刪除金鑰“[_1]”嗎?,$This restores the encrypted system password.這會還原加密的系統密碼。Generate a new key.產生新金鑰。$)Enabling Mail SNI for “[_1]” …正在啟用 “[_1]” 的郵件 SNI … CNTReplace替换 Access Key ID存取金鑰識別碼Use Your Modules使用您的模組Current Email:目前電子郵件:cpanel-alreadyexists已经存在。H<The system failed to read from an unknown file because of an error: [_1]由於發生錯誤,使系統無法讀取不明檔案: [_1] +Processed [quant,_1,byte,bytes].已處理 [quant,_1,位元組,位元組]。UJYou should update the authentication credential for “[_1]” at [output,url,_2,_2].您應該更新位於 [output,url,_2,_2] 之 “[_1]” 的驗證認證。+"What is the first name of your first child?您第一個小孩的名字為何?eThe restore has failed because the “[_1]” restore module has been skipped by request and the account “[_2]” does not already exist.還原失敗,因為“[_1]”還原模組已應要求而略過,且帳戶“[_2]”還不存在。 PARKAddition暂停的域附加 CRWkDayEvery每工作日3-The passphrase for the key “[_1]” is incorrect.金鑰 “[_1]” 的複雜密碼不正確。 Search Email搜尋電子郵件($Sorry, the rule must have a description.抱歉,規則必須要有描述。aNYou have successfully granted privileges on the database “[_1]” to the MySQL user “[_2]”.您已成功授與資料庫“[_1]”的權限給 MySQL 使用者“[_2]”。[output,strong,Note]: Restricted Restore performs additional security checks on the backup file. If a component of the backup file has an issue (for instance, [asis,MySQL] grant table compromises), that portion of the backup will not be restored.[output,strong,附註]: 「受限的還原」會在備份檔案上執行額外的安全性檢查。 如果備份檔案的某個元件有問題 (例如,[asis,MySQL] 授權表格遭到入侵),就不會還原備份的那個部分。Add a New Record加入新記錄JVA screenshot of the [asis,Bitkinex] New [asis,HTTP] or [asis,WebDAV] Menu.[asis,Bitkinex] 新的 [asis,HTTP] 或 [asis,WebDAV] 功能表的螢幕擷取畫面。"Invalid path to the backup folder.備份資料夾路徑無效。Max FTP AccountsFTP 帳戶上限 RubyAppsPath路径GASome Host [asis,IP] addresses were not added to the Trusted Hosts list.一些主機 [asis,IP] 位址未新增至信任的主機清單。L;The system was unable to automatically reconnect to the [asis,MySQL] server.系統無法自動重新連線至 [asis,MySQL] 伺服器。 SecSet安全设置 ChangeLook更改样式&9Click Finish. Your Web Disk will open.按一下 「結束」。 您的 Web Disk 將會開啟。$ AddInterfaceElement_SelectImgCatDesc描述:Default System Setting預設系統設定!!Standard Indexing (filename only)標準索引 (僅限檔案名稱)C<Fill this form’s other fields with values that match this domain.用與此網域相符的值填入此表單的其他欄位。In the [output,class,Type a name for this network location,title] field, enter a name that will be easy for you to remember and click [output,class,Next,title].在[output,class,輸入此網路位置名稱,title]欄位中輸入您容易記住的名稱,然後按一下[output,class,下一步,title]。H;The system could not create the calendar “[_1]” for “[_2]”: [_3]系統無法建立 “[_2]” 的行事曆 “[_1]”: [_3]{The system counts Failed Logins for the duration of the specified period, which is currently set to “[_1]” [numerate,_1,minute,minutes].系統會在指定的期間內計算失敗的登入次數,此期間目前設為 “[_1]” [numerate,_1,分鐘,分鐘]。/email_box_valid请输入一个有效的电子邮件地址。\n70You must install the chatroom in a top-level directory.您必須在最上層目錄中安裝聊天室。 You must specify a restore type.您必須指定還原類型。Restore Email Forwarders還原電子郵件轉寄站&'This ticket has no associated servers.此票證沒有相關聯的伺服器。B>The given domains do not have any non-SSL virtual hosts to remove.指定的網域沒有任何要移除的非 SSL 虛擬主機。 CNTRGBGreen绿色BLFor example, a 300 byte file may occupy 4 kB of actual disk space.例如,300 位元組的檔案可能會佔用 4 KB 的實際磁碟空間。Save and Validate Destination儲存及驗證目的地TMYou successfully disabled the [asis,ModSecurity™] rule with the following ID: [_1]您已成功停用具有下列識別碼的 [asis,ModSecurity™] 規則: [_1]Return to SSL Manager返回 SSL 管理員Do Not Redirect [asis,www].勿重新導向 [asis,www]。Additional MySQL Access Hosts額外 MySQL 存取主機 'BURestSelect此功能让您选择要恢复的内容 cVidRedirDesc了解如何将特定的网页重定向至另一个页面,并显示该重定向的页面内容。New [asis,RLimitMEM]新增[asis,RLimitMEM]The log is not available.記錄檔無法使用。 Semicolon分號 Signing Request:簽署要求:[quant,_1,minute,minutes][quant,_1,分鐘,分鐘] CountriesEcuador厄瓜多尔Customize Paper Lantern自訂 Paper LanternINDXPostgresqlDiskUsagePostgresql 磁盘空间 Update Email更新電子郵件CountriesSudan苏丹<6Secure Connection ([output,acronym,SSL,Secure Socket Layer])安全連線 ([output,acronym,SSL,安全通訊端層])Please enter a subject.請輸入主旨。Data資料SSHPuddy**您可以下之载私用或公用密钥,并将其导入PuTTY (或其他SSH 客户机程序)如果您更喜欢用其他方式获得SSH链接,或是您一直在使用PuTTY,则可以点击输入键来导入私用或公用密钥。此外,您还可以采用窗口/下载菜单下的PuTTY[output,apos]s ppk格式下载密钥。 Blocked已封鎖We [output,strong,strongly] recommend that you use [output,url,_1,Apache SpamAssassin] with [asis,BoxTrapper]. This will reduce both your server load and the amount of email that you receive from fake email addresses.[output,strong,強烈]建議您使用 [output,url,_1,Apache SpamAssassin] 搭配 [asis,BoxTrapper]。 這樣可同時降低伺服器負載,以及您收到來自假電子郵件地址的電子郵件量。?=The user “[_1]” ([_2]) has nearly reached their disk quota.使用者 “[_1]” ([_2]) 已接近達到其磁碟配額。SLSelectDomain选择一个域'ServerRequiresAuth (服务器需通过认证)ekDue to an [output,acronym,HTTP,Hypertext Transfer Protocol] “[_1]” error, the server is unable to contact the [asis,cPanel] Customer Portal. Manually import the key from the [asis,cPanel] Customer Portal. For more information on how to manually import SSH keys into [asis,cPanel amp() WHM], see [output,url,_2,How to Authenticate Your Server,target,_3].由於發生 [output,acronym,HTTP,超文字傳輸通訊協定] “[_1]”錯誤,導致伺服器無法連絡 [asis,cPanel] 客戶入口網站。 請從 [asis,cPanel] 客戶入口網站手動匯入金鑰。 如需有關如何手動匯入 SSH 金鑰到 [asis,cPanel amp() WHM] 的詳細資訊,請參閱[output,url,_2,How to Authenticate Your Server,target,_3]。E<The available mail client autoconfiguration scripts are listed below.可用的郵件用戶端自動組態指令碼如下所列。 CreateFilter生成过滤器CountriesHongKong香港 Alternate text:替代文字: contact_index_new新设置 Root Password:根密碼:Non-SSL reset link: [_1]非 SSL 重設連結: [_1]PHP and suEXEC ConfigurationPHP 和 suEXEC 組態 Additional Information其他資訊 EFaddedto到 CNTSrcClr源颜色 Invalid date.無效的日期。A9This section allows you to manage your domains’ email accounts.這個區段可讓您管理網域的電子郵件帳戶。+"There was a problem creating your Web Disk.建立 Web Disk 時發生問題。%3Cut, copy, paste, undo, redo buttons.剪下、複製、貼上、復原、重做按鈕。<AODInfo附加域是指指向你的帐户内的子目录的域名。&"what to do when the button is clicked;按下按鈕時要執行的動作;When you create a Web Disk inside a public directory, such as the [output,strong,public_html] directory, the files that you upload to that directory are publicly accessible. If you wish to keep your files private, use a private directory or password protect the directory.若在公用目錄 (例如 [output,strong,public_html] 目錄) 內建立 Web Disk,您上傳至該目錄的檔案都可供大眾存取。 如果您不想公開檔案,請使用私用目錄,或以密碼保護目錄。A different approach, if you have more than one textarea and only want to change one of them, is to pass the [output,strong,id] of your textarea to [asis,replace()] ([output,strong,_1]). Do not use the “[output,strong,_2]” attribute anymore, it’s not a standard solution!如果文字區域不只一個,但您只想變更其中一個,則另一種做法是傳遞文字區域的 [output,strong,id] 給 [asis,replace()] ([output,strong,_1])。 請勿再使用“[output,strong,_2]”屬性,因為那樣不是標準解決方案!Y^Maximum [output,acronym,IMAP,Internet Message Access Protocol] Connections Per IP Address每一 IP 位址的最大 [output,acronym,IMAP,網際網路訊息存取通訊協定] 連線數$Could not clear failed restorations.無法清除失敗的還原。 Certificate Linking憑證連結To open a connection to your FTP server, select the [output,em,Site Manager] feature from the [output,em,File] menu (File ⇀ Site Manager).在[output,em,檔案]功能表中選取[output,em,網站管理員]功能 (「檔案」 ⇀ 「網站管理員」),開啟連至您 FTP 伺服器的連線。ftp_deleting_account_and_files删除账户和文件...Account Unsuspended帳戶已取消暫停Stage:階段:01a name for it (we call it the ID of the button);它的名稱 (我們稱它為按鈕的識別碼); BUGenDown下载或生成全备份PostgreSQL Database ServerPostgreSQL 資料庫伺服器 Table view表格檢視 chlangdesc此功能让您可以更改 cPanel 界面中显示的语言。如果需要新语言,请联系您的cPanel 提供商以便他们进行安装。Z<The system discards configuration data that is unknown or that the system cannot validate.系統會捨棄未知或系統無法驗證的組態資料。!RubyAppsWarnName您必须输入应用程序名称Making direct links between servers can decrease CPU load, improving the performance of your servers. The more steps that exist between a web server and a nameserver, the slower the servers will perform.建立伺服器間的直接連結可以減少 CPU 負載、提高伺服器效能。 網頁伺服器與名稱伺服器之間存在的步驟越多,伺服器執行越慢。 Download Archive下載封存?3The remote auth server did not send back a token (STATUS=[_1])!遠端驗證伺服器未傳回權杖 (狀態=[_1])! WebDAVDisks网络磁盘,.[output,strong,Success]: “[_1]” deleted.[output,strong,成功]: 已刪除“[_1]”。xThe input value for Maximum TLS/[output,acronym,SSL,Secure Socket Layer] IMAP Connections Per IP Address must be a whole number.「每一 IP 位址的最大 TLS/[output,acronym,SSL,安全通訊端層] IMAP 連線數」的輸入值必須是整數。AddInterfaceElement_Filename创建文件名:*Return to SSL Certificate Signing Requests返回 SSL 憑證簽署要求Change Home Directory變更主目錄 (WizardAddAU为您的 MySQL 添加另一位用户。 View/Download檢視/下載Search搜尋'Password reset was requested from: [_1]密碼重設要求來自: [_1]The account “[_1]” with primary domain “[_2]” on the server “[_3]” is expected to reach its bandwidth limit on [datetime,_4,date_format_short].伺服器 “[_3]” 上主要網域為 “[_2]” 的帳戶 “[_1]” 預期會在 [datetime,_4,date_format_short] 達到其頻寬限制。dLWe [output,strong,strongly recommend] using the built-in password generator to create your password.[output,strong,強烈建議]使用內建密碼產生器建立您的密碼。2.“[_1]” is not a valid name for a mailing list.“[_1]”不是郵寄清單的有效名稱。Upload a Private Key.上傳私密金鑰。|wThis option will trigger no actions when the Tweak Setting “Send bandwidth limit notification emails” has been disabled.當「調整設定」的 “傳送頻寬限制通知電子郵件” 已停用時,此選項不會觸發任何動作。chlangtoEditCSS编辑 css 代码CJUpdate your system “[_1]” file and/or [output,asis,DNS] server.更新您的系統“[_1]”檔案和 (或) [output,asis,DNS] 伺服器。Currently-Blocked IP Addresses:目前封鎖的 IP 位址:61Leech Protection protect[comment,search text keywords]Leech 保護 保護[comment,search text keywords]C3Restricted restorations do not allow running the “[_1]” module.受限的還原不允許執行 “[_1]” 模組。FMPerm许可 CNTSampleName命名 Email:電子郵件:B@The following is not a valid MySQL command to create a table: [_1]下列不是有效的 MySQL 指令,無法建立資料表: [_1]<>[asis,Webalizer] [output,acronym,FTP,File Transfer Protocol][asis,Webalizer] [output,acronym,FTP,檔案傳輸通訊協定] Manage Theme管理佈景主題 TPassTooWeak密码未满足强度要求。您必须立即更改,以免您的账户被窃取。2:This runs before a [asis,cPanel amp() WHM] update.在 [asis,cPanel amp() WHM] 更新之前執行此項目。Sender Policy Framework寄件者原則架構[output,strong,Warning]:[output,strong,警告]:“[_1]” Event Handler“[_1]”事件處理常式RAThe system could not lock the Apache configuration files because of an error: [_1]由於發生錯誤,使系統無法鎖定 Apache 組態檔: [_1]SQA zone name [output,em,must] be a domain name, and can include a period at the end.區域名稱[output,em,必須]是網域名稱,而且結尾可以包含句號。[asis,cPanel] File Manager[asis,cPanel] File ManagerSystem Specific Warnings系統特有警告B=[comment,the star is a footnote]* Contained in the mail directory.[comment,the star is a footnote]* 包含在郵件目錄中。Select the Wildcard Redirect checkbox to redirect all of the files in a directory to the same filename in the redirected directory.勾選 「萬用字元重新導向」 核取方塊,將目錄中的所有檔案重新導向到重新導向目錄中相同的檔案名稱。 Previous上一步CTRL-E -- justify centerCTRL-E -- 置中對齊-"The addon domain “[_1]” has been created.已建立附加網域“[_1]”。||unlimited[comment,this is a partial phrase that we can not address without refactoring a deprecated system: do not use this]無限制[comment,this is a partial phrase that we can not address without refactoring a deprecated system: do not use this] NFoldName新文件夹名称:H4The system could not determine a home directory for the user “[_1]”.系統無法判定使用者“[_1]”的主目錄。Confirm IP Address Removal確認移除 IP 位址 ftp_addressftp.UU[output,strong,Note:] IP addresses on the whitelist can always log in to your server.[output,strong,附註:] 白名單上的 IP 位址永遠可以登入您的伺服器。 PRIVINSERT插入B8The system was unable to run the command “[_1]” while forking.系統無法在分支處理時執行指令 “[_1]”。'"View the Web Disk Play Store interface:檢視 Web Disk Play 商店介面:ASIAccountsHead帐户 TTelnetLoad正在加载 Telent appletBKEmail must be a valid email address, empty, or the system account.電子郵件必須是有效的電子郵件地址、空白或系統帳戶。lOAre you certain that you wish to [output,em,permanently] remove the “[output,class,_1,status]” database?您確定要[output,em,永久]移除“[output,class,_1,status]”資料庫嗎?Revoke and Remove撤銷並移除CountriesAlgeria阿尔及利亚 module_find_a找到CRTDeletedMsg1证书 Exit to WHM跳出至 WHMDeliver Message Now立即傳送訊息!email_page_configure_email_client配置电子邮件客户端You must enter a Key Name.您必須輸入金鑰名稱。$securityquestion-4您的第一个老师的姓名是?:8Failed to import list “[_1]” because of an error: [_2]無法匯入清單 “[_1]”,因為發生錯誤: [_2] ftp_ftp_loginFTP 登录"Delete the User’s Home Directory刪除使用者的主目錄ftp_SFTP_Server_PortSFTP 服务器端口 CountriesNicaragua尼加拉瓜L9The input value for Number of Authentication Daemons cannot exceed 3 digits.「驗證精靈數」的輸入值不得超過 3 位數。You must enter a valid URL.您必須輸入有效 URL。!!Deselect a service to disable it.取消選取服務以停用它。%)Email Forwarders [output,amp] Filters電子郵件轉寄站 [output,amp] 篩選xvThe private key failed to load for “[output,strong,_1]”. It does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.無法載入“[output,strong,_1]”的私密金鑰。 該金鑰不存在,或是您沒有檢視該金鑰的權限。 Decoded Key:已解碼的金鑰:53[asis,bandmin] transfer[comment,search text keywords][asis,bandmin] 傳輸[comment,search text keywords]WebDiskWebDisk!"Email addresses for this account:這個帳戶的電子郵件地址:"+Filename must end in [list_or,_*].檔案名稱結尾必須是 [list_or,_*]。cVThe “Home” button which will take you to the main page is also easily accessible from any page.您也可以從任何頁面輕易地使用 「首頁」 按鈕,以回到主頁面。0/[asis,BlackBerry® FastMail] Service is enabled.[asis,BlackBerry® FastMail] 服務已啟用。ilIn addition to forwarding individual mail accounts, you can forward all email from one domain to another.除了轉寄個別郵件帳戶,您還可以將所有電子郵件從一個網域轉寄到另一個網域。/#Internationalization for the “[_1]” plugin.“[_1]” 外掛程式國際化。spf-addtl-hosts-msg所有你在这里指定的主机将被核准来发送邮件。你不必指定你的主要邮件交换器或任何服务器,它的一个多地址已经被创造了,因为它们已经被自动的包括在内了。New file name:新檔案名稱:$Edit File with Code Editor使用程式碼編輯器編輯檔案DU-ShowParents显示父目录(There are no certificates on the server.伺服器上沒有憑證。Windows Vista®Windows Vista®ncBack up the origin因,請檢查 “[_4]” 和 “[_5]” 檔案。"CountriesFrenchSouthernTerritories法属南部领土%"Maximum file size allowed for upload:允許上傳的檔案大小上限:44Your Spam Box has been [output,class,cleared,status][output,class,已清除,status]您的垃圾郵件匣EDTo upgrade your version please use the [output,url,_1,MySQL Upgrade].若要升級您的版本,請使用 [output,url,_1,MySQL 升級]。 ClHtmlCodeHtml 代码:?<The following email address was added to your ignore list: [_1]下列電子郵件地址已新增至您的忽略清單: [_1];<Unable to determine installed SSL hostname from “[_1]”.無法從“[_1]”中判斷已安裝的 SSL 主機名稱。ZFAre you certain that you wish to delete the “[output,class,_1,status]” auto responder?您確定要刪除“[output,class,_1,status]”自動回應程式嗎? Restoration Queue還原佇列!cppro_empty_dir目录为空,未找到图像。$security-questions-conf-desc请确认问题和答案为正确。Column欄All SQL Databases所有 SQL 資料庫Public公用D:[output,acronym,SSL,Secure Socket Layer] Certificate Signing Request[output,acronym,SSL,安全通訊端層] 憑證簽署要求&+[output,class,Port:,title] “[_1]”.[output,class,連接埠:,title] “[_1]”. Time Received接收時間 Disable Addon Domain Redirection停用附加網域重新導向 Delivery IP傳送 IPLogoUpInstalledUp已安装的上传 ftp_cyberduckCyberduck (供 Mac) filter_manage管理过滤器gTYour Disk Usage Limit is calculated based on how much disk space all your accounts have been allocated.您的磁碟用量限制會根據您所有帳戶的分配磁碟空間進行計算。EAAddedEmailPost 7*Number of days to keep logs must be a positive integer.保留記錄的天數必須為正整數。NHEmail Address where you can be contacted for verification of domain ownership.電子郵件地址,以供他人與您連絡來驗證網域擁有權。 Friday星期五))Database “[_1]” is now being checked.目前正在檢查資料庫 “[_1]”。XHThe system failed to execute yum with the arguments “[_1]” because of an error: [_2]系統無法用引數 “[_1]” 執行 yum,因為發生錯誤: [_2]You now need to rebuild Apache and PHP to function correctly with your new version. This can be done using the same settings that were used the last time Apache and PHP were compiled, or you may take this opportunity to adjust your selected compile options.您現在必須重建 Apache 和 PHP,才能搭配新版本正確運作。 您可以使用上次編譯 Apache 和 PHP 時所用的相同設定來執行重建,也可以利用這個機會調整選取的編譯選項。+You need to provide all this information for registering a new button too. The button ID can be any string identifier and it’s used when defining the toolbar, as you saw above. We recommend starting it with “my-” so that it won’t clash with the standard IDs (those from the default toolbar).您必須提供所有這些資訊,才能一併登錄新按鈕。 按鈕識別碼可以是任何字串識別碼,並且如上所示用在定義工具列時。 建議您以“my-”頭,以免與標準識別碼 (預設工具列上的識別碼) 衝突。 SSEDoneInfo请求的结果:CDMar三月7+In the example above, there are three main directories:在上述範例中,有 3 個主要目錄:Manage SSL Certifcate Sharing管理 SSL 憑證共用 PARKRemoval暂停的域一处*$Certificate “[output,strong,_1]”: [_2]憑證“[output,strong,_1]”: [_2]PEAR packages are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in PHP. You will need to install a PEAR package before you can use it inside a PHP program.PEAR 封裝是可讓您在 PHP 中執行工作的功能集合。 您必須安裝 PEAR 封裝後才能在 PHP 程式中使用功能。vrAllows you to change the responses that email senders receive after sending a message to a BoxTrapper-enabled account.允許您變更回應,讓電子郵件寄件者在傳送訊息給啟用 BoxTrapper 的帳戶後收到此回應。DEMake the account own itself (i.e., the user can modify the account).讓帳戶擁有本身權限 (亦即,使用者可以修改帳戶)。W@The system was unable to delete server “[_1]” from the configuration clusters list.系統無法將伺服器“[_1]”從組態叢集清單刪除。 gpg-searchtxtgpg4%Confirm that entry for “[_1]” should be deleted.確認應刪除“[_1]”的項目。vThe system failed to move the pointer for the file “[_1]” to [quant,_2,byte,bytes] before the end because of an error: [_3]系統無法將檔案 “[_1]” 的指標移到結尾前的 [quant,_2,位元組,位元組],因為發生錯誤: [_3] ChangeLang更改语言)!The system saved the following file: [_1]系統已儲存下列檔案: [_1]PaginatorResults每页结果数If you experience problems downloading files larger then 47MB when using “[_1]”, click here for a registry file that can be used to increase the limit to 4095MB.若使用“[_1]”下載大於 47 MB 的檔案時遇到問題,請按一下這裡取得可將限制增加至 4095MB 的登錄檔。 Connection Instructions連線指示 Back上一步SEEditTemplatePre @6[output,url,_1,General Availability,target,_blank] - Recommended[output,url,_1,一般有效性,target,_blank] - 建議Password cannot have spaces.密碼不能有空格。/(Downloading with method “[_1]” failed: [_2]使用方法“[_1]”下載失敗: [_2] XADDAINote1可输入一个星号,它将被当做通配符,作为 IP 地址最后一个数字。File Manager: [_1]檔案管理員: [_1]$Support Information Include (Global)支援資訊包括 (全域) [output,strong,Document Root]:[output,strong,文件根目錄]:>@[asis,Perl Compatible Regular Expressions] Library Match Limit[asis,Perl Compatible Regular Expressions] 程式庫比對限制Manage Interface Elements allows you to manage your boxes and icons. You can rename/delete your boxes and reorder/edit your icons.管理介面項目讓您能夠管理方塊和圖示。 您可以重新命名/刪除您的方塊及重新排序/編輯您的圖示。 Previous Page上一頁[asis,public_html][asis,public_html] q__FORENSIC--- mtime: /usr/local/cpanel/locale/zh_tw.yaml: '1444836063' order: - /usr/local/cpanel/locale/zh_tw.yaml <FunctionalityNotAvailable这个功能在当前的服务器配置下是不可用的。^T[asis,live_tail_log] encountered the maximum allowed errors ([numf,_1]) and will not continue.[asis,live_tail_log] 發生允許的錯誤數上限 ([numf,_1]),將不會繼續。obYour [asis,cPanel] config file is missing [output,acronym,DNS,Domain Name System] information for your account.您的 [asis,cPanel] 組態檔遺失您帳戶的 [output,acronym,DNS,網域名稱系統] 資訊。A username change may take some time to complete and may break websites that are associated with the account. You should verify the account’s integrity after you rename the account.使用者名稱變更可能需要一段時間才能完成,而且可能中斷帳戶關聯的網站。 您應該在重新命名帳戶後確認帳戶的完整性。."Please select which type of backup to restore:請選取要還原的備份類型: RemAIDesc2已被移除。13th13 號W^Merging data from the temporary database named “[_1]” into [output,asis,Roundcube].正在將名稱為“[_1]”的暫存資料庫中的資料合併入 [output,asis,Roundcube]。 Why?為什麼? Authentication Type驗證類型-*Restore an Email Forwarders or Filters Backup還原電子郵件轉寄站或篩選備份87The user “[_1]” ([_2]) has reached their disk quota.使用者 “[_1]” ([_2]) 已達到其磁碟配額。oZTo check your mail through a desktop application, configure that application with your account’s information.若要透過桌面應用程式檢查郵件,請用您的帳戶資訊設定應用程式。o\Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files (as specified below) on your website.HotLink 保護讓其他網站無法直接連結到您網站上的檔案 (如以下指定)。 Trademarks商標The [asis,SSH] test was unsuccessful. The [asis,cPanel] Customer Portal received a status of “[_1]”. See [output,url,_1,Grant cPanel Support Access,target,_2] for more details.[asis,SSH] 測試不成功。 [asis,cPanel] 客戶入口網站收到狀態“[_1]”。 如需詳細資料,請參閱[output,url,_1,Grant cPanel Support Access,target,_2]。zwx3 Theme is going to be deprecated in the next few versions. Please [output,url,_1,brand] the Paper Lantern theme instead.x3 佈景主題在下幾個版本將被取代。 請改成為 Paper Lantern 佈景主題[output,url,_1,加註商標]。If you change this user’s name, you will be unable to rename it back to “[_1]”. This is because that name lacks the username prefix (“[_2]”) that this system requires on the names of all new databases and database users.如果變更這個使用者的名稱,就無法將它重新命名回“[_1]”, 因為這個系統要求所有新的資料庫和資料庫使用者必須具有使用者名稱前置詞 (“[_2]”),但該名稱缺少這個前置詞。!PSDCD1第一步:生成一个数据库T<The certificate signing request passphrase can contain only alphanumeric characters.憑證簽署要求的複雜密碼只能包含英數字元。--Security Policy[comment,search text keywords]安全性原則[comment,search text keywords]Revert還原CLBorder边界eHThis runs before pkgacct generates an archive but after the contents of the archive have been staged.在 pkgacct 產生封存前、策畫封存的內容後執行此項目。 Collapse Stats摺疊資料WGThe system failed to delete the temporary database “[_1]” because of an error: [_2]系統無法刪除暫存資料庫 “[_1]”,因為發生錯誤: [_2] GSWFileChoice2网络磁盘[asis,cPanel] Evolution[asis,cPanel] Evolution+1The user “[_1]” is a reserved username.使用者“[_1]”為保留的使用者名稱。SSHDesc通过 SSH 可以安全地传输文件,并在因特网上远程登录。 你和SSH 的连接被加密,可以进行安全的连接。 在本部分中,你可以管理SSH 密钥,以便在通过 SSH 登录时实现自动化。 使用公共密钥验证是另一种密码验证方法。 由于密钥必须为真, 几乎不可能进行暴力破解。 你可以导入现有的密钥, 生成新的密钥,并管理/删除密钥。CGIFormMailMsg1FormMail 克隆是根据一个限制较少的许可对 Matt Wright 的 FormMail 进行的克隆。 虽然应该几乎和 FormMail.cgi 的表现近乎一致,但是由于它几乎是完全的重写,因此可能看上去会有些许差别。

chlangtoAutoRes给自动应答器'of [quant,_1,user,users].[quant,_1,個使用者,個使用者]。Delete Webdisk Account刪除 Web Disk 帳戶 cron_quarter_past一刻钟$securityquestion-11您的第一个宠物的名字是?B;Remove the associcated FTP account “[output,class,_1,status]”.移除關聯的 FTP 帳戶“[output,class,_1,status]”。)The entered value, [_1], is not a number.輸入值 [_1] 不是數字。47“[_1]” is not a valid [asis,validation_context].“[_1]” 不是有效的 [asis,validation_context]。Hide Small Files隱藏小型檔案ZE_updated_record更新的记录leWhen enabled this option confines the domain lookup to this server only, and does not query the DNS cluster.當啟用此選項時,會將網域查詢限制為僅此伺服器,並且不會查詢 DNS 叢集。BDThe HTTP client appears to be: “[_1]” with version “[_2]”.The HTTP client appears to be: “[_1]”,版本為 “[_2]”。 [asis,SSH][asis,SSH] TXT DataTXT 資料 cPanel ThemecPanel 佈景主題_WFIXME: preview needs rewritten: show the image inside this window instead of opening a new one.FIXME: 必須重寫預覽: 在這個視窗裡顯示圖像,而不是開啟新視窗。A?The system also applied this change to all resellers’ accounts.系統也會將這項變更套用到所有的轉銷商帳戶。 SSCatTravel旅游_JThe “[_1]” restore module has the following areas disabled by request: [list_and_quoted,_2]“[_1]”還原模組的下列區域被要求停用: [list_and_quoted,_2]When you generate a new remote access key, you will invalidate any existing remote access key. If you generate a new key, systems that use the existing key will no longer be able to connect.當您產生新的遠端存取金鑰時,所有現有遠端存取金鑰都會變無效。 如果產生新的金鑰,就不能再連接使用現有金鑰的系統。Instructions (new window)指示 (開新視窗)3!The following profiles where imported successfully.下列設定檔已成功匯入。FMUploadOverwriteCheckbox覆盖现有文件:4,Leech protection on “[_1]” is currently enabled.“[_1]”的 Leech 保護目前已啟用。 SFAddHead添加垃圾邮件过滤器 CountriesCocosIslands可可群岛Possible hack detected.偵測到可能的駭客。^LThe administrative request ended prematurely because it received the “[_1]” ([_2]) signal.系統管理要求意外結束,因為它收到 “[_1]” ([_2]) 訊號。"DPJAlertMaxLength密码不能超过 15 个字符。"Only mailboxes can be disinfected.只能幫信箱清除病毒。 mysqlremote-searchtxt远程 mysqlk\Transfer all the [asis,HTMLArea] files from your local computer into the /htmlarea/ folder on your website.將所有 [asis,HTMLArea] 檔案從本機電腦傳輸到網站上的 /htmlarea/ 資料夾。!"Could not instantiate “[_1]”.無法執行個體化“[_1]”。*+Why should I upgrade from my old installs?為什麼我需要從舊的安裝中升級?aLBy clicking on “Help”, you will be able to access useful information related to each section.按一下 「說明」,您將可以存取與各節相關的有用資訊。Switch to JavaScript Upload變更為 JavaScript 上傳)'Your security question answers are saved.您的安全性問題答案已儲存。 View Relayers檢視郵件中繼伺服器 CountriesJamaica牙买加 Updating Account Information …正在更新帳戶資訊… SSHJavaLogJava SSH 登录aEThis feature allows users with root access to assign an IPv6 address to a specific account. IPv6 addresses that were assigned without this feature will be erased for the selected users when you enable IPv6 with this feature. Hold shift and click on an account name to select or deselect multiple accounts. Click the blue asterisk to select all accounts.此功能讓擁有根存取權的使用者能夠指派 IPv6 位址給特定的帳戶。 啟用 IPv6 的此功能後,在未有此功能前被指派的 IPv6 位址會為已選取之使用者刪除。 按住 Shift 並按一下帳戶名稱,可選取或取消選取多個帳戶。 按一下藍色星號可選取所有帳戶。5/You recently requested to reset your cPanel password.您最近曾要求重設您的 cPanel 密碼。2-Sorry the password cannot be changed in this demo.抱歉,在此示範中無法更改密碼。execute_pre_post_backup_script执行备份前/后脚本hiClick on a [output,strong,folder icon] to navigate. Click on a [output,strong,folder name] to select it.按一下[output,strong,資料夾圖示]以瀏覽。 按一下[output,strong,資料夾名稱]以選取。 $Demo mode disables this feature.示範模式會停用這項功能。In the [output,class,Type a Name For This Network Location,title] field, type a name that you will recognize. Click [output,class,Next,title].在[output,class,輸入此網路位置名稱,title]欄位中,輸入您能辨識的名稱。 按一下[output,class,下一步,title]。77Remove the [asis,Ruby on Rails] Application’s Rewrite移除 [asis,Ruby on Rails] 應用程式的重新寫入Branding_enable_th3预览数据包46Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys.產生、檢視、上傳或刪除您的私密金鑰。 Trash垃圾桶 CountriesCambodia柬埔寨 SFAddBegins开始email_page_creating_account正在创建账户PostgreSQL Database NamePostgreSQL 資料庫名稱DANo additional configured web disks match the search term “[_1]”.沒有額外設定的 Web Disk 與搜尋字詞“[_1]”相符。94The “[_1]” parameter must be in email address format.“[_1]”參數必須為電子郵件地址格式。gZ[output,em,NOTE]: If you do not disable leech accounts, you may receive a large number of these emails.[output,em,附註]: 如果不停用 Leech 帳戶,您會收到大量這種電子郵件。G>The name “[_1]” does not begin with the required prefix “[_2]”.名稱“[_1]”不是以需要的前置詞“[_2]”開頭。Select an Account.選取帳戶。<Htaccess-AlterWithoutPass对不起,没有密码我们不能对用户进行更改。,"The [asis,Apache RLimits] have been removed.[asis,Apache RLimits] 已移除。NewUser添加新用户8>For all other information, see: [output,url,_1,_1,_2,_3]如需所有其他資訊,請參閱: [output,url,_1,_1,_2,_3];KThis server does not control any user-owned database users.這部伺服器並未控制任何由使用者擁有的資料庫使用者。The requested mailing list address, “[_1]”, conflicts with the forwarder “[_2]”. To create a mailing list named “[_1]”, you must first delete the forwarder that conflicts with that name.要求的郵寄清單位址 “[_1]” 與轉寄者 “[_2]” 衝突。 若要建立名稱為 “[_1]” 的郵寄清單,必須先刪除與該名稱衝突的轉寄者。edit_com-activate激活EAFrom%发自%Default Backup Directory預設備份目錄 Address to Forward:轉寄地址:VxA certificate’s key size indicates how strongly the certificate encrypts data. Computers need more time to process longer keys, whether the computer is a legitimate user or an attacker. The key should be long enough to deter attackers but short enough not to slow down the website significantly for legitimate users. As computers become faster, longer keys are necessary to keep websites secure. [quant,_1,bit,bits] is currently the recommended key size for general use. Do not use certificates with keys shorter than [quant,_2,bit,bits] because some modern computers can attack them effectively.憑證的金鑰大小代表憑證加密資料的強度。 不論電腦是合法使用者或攻擊者,電腦都需要更多時間來處理較長的金鑰。 金鑰應該要有足夠的長度來防禦攻擊者,但對於合法使用者而言則不應過長以避免大幅降低網站速度。 由於電腦速度越來越快,所以需要較長的金鑰來保護網站。目前於一般情況使用下所建議的金鑰大小是 [quant,_1,位元,位元,位元,位元,位元,位元]。 請勿使用金鑰短於 [quant,_2,位元,位元,位元,位元,位元,位元]的憑證,因為現代的一些電腦可以有效的攻擊它們。Delegated to [list_and,_1]委派給 [list_and,_1] XMBRemove移除板/-[comment]begins with[comment,comparison option][comment]開始於[comment,comparison option] Permanent (301)永久 (301)File檔案TVInvalid response from [output,abbr,DNS,Domain Name Service] Cluster Peer “[_1]”.[output,abbr,DNS,Domain Name Service] 叢集同等 “[_1]” 傳回無效的回應。Insecure Connection不安全連線MySQLAddedUser已添加用户whtlstlegend-BoxTrapperBoxTrapper 白名单编辑器 Owner: [_1]擁有者: [_1] Important:重要:Add New Cron Job加入新 Cron jobservice_tomcat_descriptionTomcat JSP 服务器 Forwarders轉寄站XBAre you sure you wish to [output,strong,permanently] remove the addon domain “[_1]”?您確定要[output,strong,永久]移除附加網域“[_1]”嗎?BrandingLOBtnOn登出按钮(打开)^RThe argument value is not in the expected form. Please use one of the following: [join,~, ,_1]引數值不是採用預期的格式。 請使用下列其中之一: [join,~, ,_1]89The Secret Access Key is not shown for security reasons.基於安全性因素,秘密存取金鑰不會顯示。CountriesBhutan不丹CountriesMartinique马提尼克岛servset服务器设置Create a New Folder建立新資料夾mfThe system will no longer forward email for “[output,class,_1,status]” to “[output,class,_2,status]”.系統將不再轉寄“[output,class,_1,status]”的電子郵件到“[output,class,_2,status]”。The [output,acronym,SPF,Sender Policy Framework] system allows you to specify servers and IP addresses that are authorized to send mail from your domain(s). This feature works to prevent outgoing spam messages.[output,acronym,SPF,寄件者原則架構] 系統讓您能夠指定可以從您的網域傳送郵件的授權伺服器及 IP 位址。 此功能用於防止外寄垃圾郵件訊息。CDAug八月XTClick [output,url,_1,here] if you want to return to the “Cleanup Process” interface.如果要返回 「清理處理序」 介面,請按一下[output,url,_1,這裡]。#Only redirect with [asis,www].重新導向只使用 [asis,www]。[[Visitors can enter the addon domain’s URL in a browser to reach a subdomain of your site.訪客可以在瀏覽器中輸入附加網域的 URL,來連線到您網站的子網域。<1A critical error occurred while parsing the ASN.1 data: [_1]分析 ASN.1 資料時發生嚴重的錯誤: [_1]/3No log is available because the restore failed.因為還原失敗,所以無法使用記錄檔。 See Other查看其他Configure Remote Service IPs設定遠端服務 IPEditBrandingAdvanced高级标志编辑器 !Invalid IP/CIDR Block Specified!指定的 IP/CIDR 區塊無效。%Please enter a positive whole number.請輸入正整數。 importmore导入更多u[output,strong,Warning]: When a support ticket has been closed, immediately revoke [asis,cPanel] support’s access to your server.[output,strong,警告]: 支援票證關閉後,立即撤銷 [asis,cPanel] 支援人員對 WordPress › Error

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